Precautions we are taking:
  1. Mask:
  • MUST be worn BEFORE entering RAW establishment
  • mask is a must for staff and clients
  • mask MUST be ON at all times by staff and clients in the shop
  • must be worn at all times in work areas and when with other staff and clients
  • when mask is not worn, i.e.. break time, make sure you are practicing 6ft social distancing
  • staff may bring their own masks 
      2.  Hand Sanitizer:
  • sanitize upon entry to shop
  • between client services
  • before and after you put on or take off gloves if unable to handwash
  • before and after you touch the computer and cash register
  • use when unable to wash hands with water and soap
      3.  Face Shield:
  • face shields must be worn at all times in working areas
  • may only be removed during break with social distancing
  • extra protection for staff and clients from droplets 
  • reusable
  • may be cleaned and disinfected with Lysol wipes and paper towels to remove streaks
      4.  Gloves:
  • gloves must be used when providing all services
      5.  Handwashing:
  • handwashing is a MUST
  • BEFORE you put on your CLEAN gloves
  • AFTER you remove your DIRTY gloves
  • between client services
  • BEFORE and After you touch the computer and cash register and common surfaces
      6.  Disinfectant:
  • MUST disinfect work areas between clients
  • MUST wipe and disinfect tables and chairs
  • MUST wipe all containers, polish bottles used on clients
  • continue to disinfect and package implements according to public health standards
      7.  Social Distancing:
  • staff must practice 6 ft. social distancing as much as possible during breaks and work hours
  • client's manicure and pedicure will be seated in alternate seats.  Maximum 3 clients at a time.
  • no walk-ins, only pre booked appointments.
  • only booked clients are allowed to come for appointments, no visitors allowed
      8.  Food, Drinks & Cellphones:
  • NO food, drinks and cellphones in work areas during work hours
  • NO food or drinks can be brought in or consumed by clients.
  • encouraged to eat, drink, use of cell phones prior to start of shift, during scheduled breaks
  • Complimentary snacks, coffee, tea and water will no longer be offered to clients
      9.  Cleaning Duties:
  • allotted time given to disinfect service areas between clients including containers, product containers used and touched
  • everyone is responsible to keep the shop clean, disinfected and organized
  • opening and closing responsibilities are shared responsibilities
  • will continue deep cleaning during off hours
      10.  Signs:
  • signs​ on door entrance and inside establishment to remind staff and clients about "must wear masks", "must hand sanitize"
  • will only be accepting cash and debit to save on credit card charges
  • credit cards will only be accepted with purchases and services of $150 or more